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PART II (I.) MOTTOES.(2.) KEY TO PLATES,(3.) DICTIONARY OF TERMS. AARABEAaron, Aarons, and Aaroons, a lady's arm from the elbow in pale ppr. 3Abadain or Abaudain, a savage wxeathed about the head and loins with laurel leaves, and holding over the shoulder a club, all ppr. - - - - - - sable Definitions of Heraldic terms will be found in the Dictionary of Terms. 7Abbefoid, Leics., on a chapeau ppr., a water-bouget sa. 2Abberbury, a hawk, wings expanded and inverted, resting its dexter claw on a mount ppr. (compare) has been used, and means that the reference is given only for comparative purposes, the plate not corresponding precisely with the blazon ; this term, however, being only used where the difference is but slight. As some assistance to engravers, and rather than leave a larger proportion than was otherwise inevitable of the crests without any reference to an illustration, the term c/. In cases where the same engraving would be correct if of another colour, it has been thought better to use the term " compare " (c/.) to prevent such illustrations being considered absolutely accurate. It will be noticed that in the illustrations of many of the new crests the colour-lines appear in the form in which they are usually used in heraldic engraving, in order to render such illustrations perfectly correct renderings of particular crests. 10Abadam of Jliddleton Hall, Carmarthen, out of a ducal coronet or, a demi-lion gardant gu.

14Aberdare Baron (Bruce), a cubit arm in armour in bend, grasping in the gauntlet a sceptre ppr.

8Abbot, a cubit arm erect, vested and cufed erm., holding in the hand a crescent arg.

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